Aha! Roadmaps + Rally Software

Keep product and engineering teams in sync

Seamlessly integrate Aha! with Rally. Do your product planning in Aha! and then send initiatives, releases, epics, features, and requirements to Rally. As engineering work progresses, updates automatically flow back to Aha! so you can easily track development.

Customize your field mappings and set the direction of updates.
Import existing records from Rally to quickly build your roadmap.
Send features from Aha! to Rally individually or in bulk.
Features appear as user stories in Rally for engineering to work on.
Automatically receive updates or review changes manually.
Track progress on roadmaps in Aha! as features are completed in Rally.

Customize how data is mapped

Configure your integration to reflect how you organize work. You can map initiatives, releases, epics, features, and requirements in Aha! with portfolio items, milestones, releases, and user stories in Rally. Save your configuration as a template, making it quick to set up future integrations in exactly the same way.

Collaborate smoothly across teams

Keep engineering informed of your plans. Once prioritized features are sent to Rally, any updates automatically sync between systems. Changes to requirements or release dates are seen instantly by both teams. And as engineering estimates work, you can tie that information back to your roadmap.

Monitor progress in real time

Easily see if you are on track to meet your launch date. Status updates automatically flow back to Aha! as work gets done in Rally. You can also map progress fields between systems to see the percent of work completed. Now you can report on all the great work that is happening directly in Aha!