Aha! Roadmaps + Microsoft Teams

Automatically communicate roadmap updates

Keep the entire organization informed of your roadmap plans and how you are progressing. This one-way integration makes it easy to broadcast updates from Aha! to any channel in Microsoft Teams. These updates appear as cards in Microsoft Teams and include a link to the record in Aha! for more details.

Choose which channel in Microsoft Teams your Aha! activities should be sent to.
Select the records and fields you want to appear in your Microsoft Teams channel.
Send the same information that you see in your Aha! activity stream, including integration activity.
Create as many integrations as you need with Microsoft Teams to represent different activity streams.

Track feature status

Cross-functional teams often want to know how work on upcoming functionality is progressing. Create a "Features" channel so team members can track status changes, comments, and more directly in Microsoft Teams.

Share launch updates

A "Launches" channel is a great way to keep everyone informed of important releases. This is especially helpful when dates shift. Everyone in the channel is immediately notified of any changes to the schedule, so you can stay aligned on what needs to happen and when.

Stay close to what customers want

Track newly submitted ideas from customers and get notified each time a comment is added or a customer votes on an idea. Creating a "Customers" channel helps the broader team stay in touch with what matters most to your customers.