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Integrate Aha! With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams gives you a place to create and make decisions together. You can chat, meet, and share files. As cross-functional teams collaborate within a channel, they need to receive key product and marketing updates as they happen. The Aha! integration for Microsoft Teams allows you to send updates directly to a channel in real time.

In the integration setup process, you can choose what data is sent from Aha! to Microsoft Teams. If you create an integration at the account level, it will send updates from all products and marketing workspaces.

For greater control and separation of updates, we recommend setting a specific activity stream for each record type. This keeps Aha! updates organized while still keeping everyone informed of the things they care about — such as when your biggest customer submits a new idea or a marketing schedule slips.

All Aha! activity is held for five minutes before posting to Microsoft Teams to keep communication concise and avoid excessive messaging when an Aha! user is performing multiple edits at once.

Aha! integration with Microsoft Teams


You need an Aha! account and a Microsoft Teams account to create this integration.

Create an incoming webhook in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and select Store.

  2. Search for and select Incoming Webhook.

  3. Enter your Microsoft Team and click Install.

  4. Select the channel where you want to receive updates and click Set up.

  5. Name your webhook (e.g., Aha! product updates)

  6. Download the Aha! avatar and upload it as the webhook image.

  7. Click Create.

  8. Copy the webhook URL.

Create the integration in Aha!:

  1. In your Aha! account, go to Settings > Account > Integrations and add Microsoft Teams at the account level to send updates for all products. If you only want updates for a specific product or workspace, add the integration at the product or workspace level by going to Settings > Product > Integrations or Settings > Workspace > Integrations and add Microsoft Teams.

  2. Enter the URL you copied from the above steps into the Webhook URL field.

  3. Click the Test connection button. After a short delay, you should see a message appear in the Microsoft Teams channel you copied the webhook from.

  4. Select the activities that you want to appear in your Microsoft Teams channel.

  5. Click Enable to finalize the integration set up.

  6. Consider renaming this integration with your Microsoft Teams channel name for easy future reference. For example: “Teams Chat: #launches.” You can do this by clicking the Microsoft Teams text at the top of the integrations settings page within your account.

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