Product management templates

Analyzing market conditions, building strategic product roadmaps, and defining features are just a few examples of the important work that a product manager does. You want to ensure that everyone in your organization understands where the product is heading and why. However, keeping these artifacts up to date also means that you can spend countless hours creating spreadsheets and presentations to help colleagues understand and implement your strategy.

Our library of product templates will make your life a little bit easier. We offer templates directly in our product development software as well as in downloadable Excel, PowerPoint, and Word formats.

All of the links in this article take you to template collections with expert guidance on how to make the most of each template. It is worth noting that the Excel, PowerPoint, and Word versions are static documents that require updating. So you may find it more beneficial to explore the dynamic whiteboard templates in Aha! Notebooks — free to use and easy to share. Sign up for a free trial to get started.

Product templates have never been this lovable. Try Aha! Notebooks today.

The screenshot below features the brainstorming session template in Aha! Notebooks.

Brainstorming session template - Aha! Notebooks

Career templates

No matter where you are in your career, preparation will help you thrive. Polish up your CV using these product manager resume templates. And stay tuned for more templates in this section soon.

Strategy templates

Strategy templates become important decision-making tools. You can provide teammates with clarity on all aspects of your business model and product strategy using these templates:

Research and ideation templates

Use the templates in this collection to analyze customers, competitors, and new ideas that may impact your product plans.

Roadmapping and planning templates

Where is your product headed and what work is required to get there? These templates make it easy to define and visualize what has to be done and when, so you can communicate the plan to your team.

Additional product templates

Here are a few additional templates to boost your productivity and collaboration:

Marketing templates

Marketing teams bring your company’s product to market. Use these templates to set and achieve marketing milestones: