Marketing roadmap templates

A marketing roadmap provides a visual way to capture and communicate your plans. You can show what you want to accomplish and the timeline to get there — all in one view. This is an effective way to communicate the overall marketing direction and keep the team focused on what matters most.

Today many marketing teams use purpose-built roadmapping software to visualize their marketing plans. If you want to define your strategy, build visual roadmaps, and analyze the results in one centralized place, you can try Aha! free for 30 days. If you are not yet ready to do that, download the Excel and PowerPoint marketing roadmap templates below.

Components of a marketing roadmap

Marketing roadmaps can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is important to think about your audience and the information you want to share. For example, you might want to create a high-level roadmap that communicates your strategic marketing goals and initiatives to executive leaders. Or you might want to create a detailed roadmap that shows the timeline for delivering programs and campaigns to sales and customer support teams. Determining what you want to communicate with your roadmap will help you decide the right template to use.

The following components are commonly included in marketing roadmaps:

Time frame

Time can be shown in weeks, months, and quarters.


Marketing goals show the strategic importance of what the team is working on.


The high-level marketing efforts or themes of work that are required to achieve the goals.


Programs, campaigns, and events on a timeline that map to strategy.


Key marketing activities — such as landing pages, press releases, or sales tools.


Color-coded indicators show the current status.

Marketing roadmap templates

There are many different types of roadmaps. The templates included in this guide are purpose-built for marketing teams. You can also download these roadmap templates for product teams. Each template is crafted to help you deliver the right message to the right audience.

The templates follow a strategy-first approach starting with goals and ending with marketing activities. You will also find examples for visualizing your plans in different ways — such as by marketing function, customer segment, product, and geography. You can download these templates for free and customize each one to meet your specific needs.

Here is a list of the roadmap templates included in this guide:



Marketing goals

Define a set of specific and measurable marketing goals and show the timeline for achieving them.

Marketing initiatives

Create a roadmap that shows the big efforts of work needed to achieve your marketing goals.

Integrated marketing roadmap

Build an integrated plan that shows the initiatives each team is working on and when they will be completed.

Customer segment roadmap

Visualize how planned programs, campaigns, and product launches relate to specific customer segments.

Product marketing roadmap

Show how your marketing plans align with your product portfolio.

Field marketing roadmap

Build a roadmap to visualize your marketing efforts by geographical region.

Marketing project roadmap

Use a Gantt chart for planning and scheduling projects — such as product launches and integrated campaigns.

Marketing programs roadmap

Provide a visual overview of your marketing programs and the key activities that need to be completed.

Marketing activities roadmap

Show the marketing activities that will be completed each month to deliver your plans.

Marketing goals roadmap

A goal-focused roadmap is useful for setting annual strategy and communicating the high-level plan to executives or advisory boards. Include a success metric for each goal and change the color of the bars to indicate the status.

Marketing initiatives roadmap

This template provides a way to visualize your planned initiatives and report on the progress. It also provides the marketing team with high-level direction for planning activities such as go-to-market launches, campaigns, and content.

Integrated marketing roadmap

Create a combined view of your marketing plans organized by team function. You can show the initiatives that each team is working on and key milestones — such as program, campaign, and product launches. Expand each section to see how milestones relate to specific product initiatives.

Customer segment roadmap

This marketing roadmap shows how planned programs, campaigns, and product launches relate to customer segments. Use this template to show executive leaders how your marketing efforts support the growth of target sets of customers. The bars are colored by marketing function so you can see which team is responsible for delivering each effort.

Product marketing roadmap

This roadmap template is useful if your marketing team supports multiple products. You can show the product team how marketing efforts are propelling the business forward. It also aligns everyone around the timing of key product releases so you can maximize promotional opportunities.

Field marketing roadmap

Build a roadmap to visualize your marketing efforts by geographical region. This is a useful way to visualize marketing activities in the regions or countries where your company has a presence. Capturing this information in a single view keeps local teams aligned with the overall strategy.

Marketing project roadmap

Gantt charts help marketing teams plan and manage complex projects — such as product launches and campaigns. You can highlight the key phases of your launch process and schedule tasks so they are completed on time. You can also identify and track dependencies.

Here is an example of a Gantt chart for managing a go-to-market process.

You can use this Gantt chart template to plan and launch an integrated marketing campaign.

Marketing programs roadmap

This roadmap template provides a high-level overview of your strategic marketing programs. It is useful when you need to show key areas of focus with executives and other stakeholders. You can highlight key activities that will be implemented to achieve each program.

Marketing activities roadmap

This roadmap template is useful for displaying near-term marketing activities. It helps the team plan their work each month and provides a detailed view about what is coming to internal teams, such as sales and customer support.