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Portfolio roadmap

Show leadership and teammates a consolidated view of your product portfolio plans

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About the portfolio roadmap template

The larger your team or business, the more challenging it can be to understand how each product in your portfolio relates to overall business strategy. This is why it is critical to have clear visibility into product plans and areas of investment across your entire portfolio.

Use the portfolio roadmap template to visualize product releases mapped across a timeline. Notice that each product has a different color for visual emphasis. Strategic initiatives are listed on the left, while releases are shown using progress bars. You can easily adjust labels, time frames, and add other details to suit your own portfolio.

This template is especially useful during initial roadmap planning. Seeing everything laid out in a single view helps the team think through how you will successfully deliver your plans and whether you need to adjust high-level timing. When everyone is aligned, turn your portfolio roadmap into a structured plan in Aha! Roadmaps so you can effectively manage the implementation details.

Best practices

Build your roadmap, collaborate with teammates, and share plans across the organization — so everyone is aware of the direction of the product portfolio.

  1. Set your roadmap timeline Update the timeline to show your desired date range and customize the calendar resolution to display quarters, months, or weeks.

  2. Add products or product lines Give your portfolio a name and add products or product lines along the left side. Specify the strategic initiatives for each to highlight what you are working towards.

  3. Plan out your releases Show the timing and duration of planned releases using progress bars. Make the roadmap your own by changing the color of the bars and adding other details, such as milestones and cross-product dependencies.

  4. Share and refine Invite teammates to join the whiteboard and fine-tune your roadmap view. Then share more broadly in a team meeting or present to leadership.

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