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Release roadmap

Visualize release plans and dependencies so you can launch new experiences on schedule

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About the release roadmap template

New releases excite customers and motivate the team. Successful ones are a huge effort — requiring careful coordination of dates, deliverables, and dependencies across teams. Having a comprehensive plan helps you better track the details and ultimately launch on time.

This Gantt-style releases roadmap template is ideal for showcasing the "what" and "when" of your plans. Use it to build a timeline for delivering a new customer experience, broken down into discrete phases of work. You can tailor it to include key milestones, features, dependencies, and any other important details that help the team schedule work and keep deadlines in sight.

Consider using this template when you are planning a product launch or releasing major new functionality. Remember to keep the view up-to-date and share it with the broader team to create transparency and alignment as your plans evolve. Once your plan is set, turn your roadmap into a structured Gantt chart in Aha! Roadmaps so you can effectively track the work.

Best practices

Ensure that every team understands exactly what needs to be done and when to release on time.

  1. Set your release timeline Update the timeline to show the date range of the release and customize the calendar resolution. Adjust the duration of the overall release bar to reflect your planned start and end dates.

  2. Highlight phases and milestones Include the key phases of work that need to happen with your release — such as design, development, QA, marketing launch activities, and sales and support training — selecting a custom color for each. Set any milestones that need to be reached along the way and capture dependencies between bodies of work.

  3. Display essential features Show the timing of key features that will go into delivering your new customer experience. Easily adjust the timing of phases, milestones, and features as needed to ensure your plan is realistic.

  4. Build alignment Share your whiteboard with the team to provide visibility into the plan. Update the progress bars as you go along to keep everyone in sync on the launch timeline and status.

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