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Features roadmap

Create a timeline for delivering new product features

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About the features roadmap template

New product features are like gifts for your customers. Each one has the potential to bring them value. This is why it is so important to show how each feature supports your goals and initiatives, as defined by your product strategy.

Use the features roadmap template to display when features of strategic importance will be completed. Easily move features between releases as you work through the plan. Release dates in this view could be internal or external — depending on who you are sharing the roadmap with.

This template is perfect for finessing the details of your roadmap with the core product team. It can also be used to share what is coming with other teams, such as marketing, sales, and customer support — keeping everyone on the same page. When you are ready to formalize your plans, convert features on your whiteboard into actionable work items in Aha! Roadmaps.

How to use

Build a roadmap for delivering new features within a given time frame.

  1. Set your roadmap timeline Update the timeline to show your desired date range and customize the calendar resolution to display quarters, months, weeks, or days. Then add as many releases as you need to reflect your delivery schedule.

  2. Define goals and initiatives Articulate the higher-level goals and initiatives the overall release supports. This helps everyone connect the "why" to the "what" of your plans.

  3. Add features to your timeline Fill in the features you plan to deliver in each release. Use color-coded initiative icons to show how each one ties back to your strategic initiatives.

  4. Track progress Change the color of each feature to reflect its status as work gets underway. You can also adjust the progress bar to convey if you are on track to meet your delivery dates.

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