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Product roadmap

Show the direction of your product and the work needed to turn product vision into reality

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About the product roadmap template

A product roadmap is a plan for action as well as a communication tool. Roadmaps visualize the “why,” the “when,” and the “what” behind daily work — to keep internal and external groups informed and evaluate new ideas against planned work.

Use the product roadmap template to map out the initiatives, epics, and features you will invest in over a given time frame. Tailor the view based on who you will be showing it to. For instance, executives may want to understand how key initiatives map to corporate goals, whereas the support team will want insights on how new functionality benefits customers.

You can add and remove elements of the roadmaps as you need, color-code based on product goal or assignee, and add sticky notes to provide more context. When you are ready to move from roadmap planning to implementation, convert any items on your whiteboard into actionable product work in Aha! Roadmaps.

Best practices

Visualize your product plans and align the team on the most important work.

  1. Set your roadmap timeline Update the timeline to show your desired date range and customize the calendar resolution as needed. The template is set by default to show the entire year.

  2. Add product initiatives Include as many swimlanes as you need to visualize your key product initiatives. Use a different color for each swimlane to create visual contrast.

  3. Build out your plans Show the work that will go into each initiative. Define the overarching epics that you will deliver and the major features that will go into each one. Adjust the length of the bars to show the timing of the work.

  4. Share your roadmap Include teammates in roadmap planning by inviting them to post comments, questions, or emojis on the whiteboard. Collaborate to create the perfect view.

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