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Strategic roadmap

Visualize high-level initiatives to communicate your product direction and timelines for major bodies of work

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About the strategic roadmap template

Product plans are the future of the company. When done well, a strategic roadmap helps you communicate what is ahead so everyone in the organization — and even customers — can get excited.

Sometimes you need to visualize the high-level plan fast — the strategic roadmap template is perfect for this. In our example, the purple, orange, and green sections represent strategic initiatives, while the bars within each signify the epics need to achieve them. You could also adjust the template to display how you will achieve your overall product goals.

Remember that roadmapping is a collaborative effort. Expect to receive feedback when your share your plans and be prepared to explain the rationale behind your decisions. When you are ready to move from initial planning to implementation, convert any work items on your whiteboard into actionable product work in Aha! Roadmaps.

Best practices

Rally your team around your overarching direction and provide context for major areas of investment.

  1. Set your roadmap timeline Update the timeline to show your desired date range and customize the calendar resolution as needed. We recommend displaying quarters or months as strategic roadmaps typically cover a longer time frame.

  2. Add high-level imperatives Show what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. Depending on your needs, you might choose to display your overarching product goals or initiatives. Adjust the size of the containers to reflect the timeline for achieving them.

  3. Build out your plans Show how you will achieve your strategy. Add epics or features — or a combination of both — to highlight new areas of functionality that will have an impact. Show the timing of the underlying work and adjust the progress to reflect the latest status.

  4. Share your work Present your roadmap to the team or invite folks to collaborate in the whiteboard. Allowing people to post questions directly on the roadmap can inspire meaningful dialogue.

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