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Epics roadmap

Display epics or themes of work that will have a significant impact on customer happiness

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About the epics roadmap template

New features are exciting. But an individual feature does not typically have a big impact on your customers. It is the groups of related features — or epics — that truly create something special.

The epics roadmap template is ideal for showcasing when you plan to complete each epic by release. (Of course, the work required to actually deliver an epic might well span multiple releases.) Release dates are high-level in this view — indicating monthly targets.

Use this template to guide planning discussions and backlog prioritization — making sure that upcoming features or user stories align with top-priority epics. Adjust the roadmap to meet your needs. For example, you can change the background color of each epic to convey status or add a progress bar to track updates once work gets underway. Convert epics on your whiteboard into actionable work items in Aha! Roadmaps to make your plans a reality.

How to use

Build an epics roadmap that aligns with your product goals and helps you deliver value to your customers.

  1. Set your roadmap timeline Update the timeline to show your desired date range and customize the calendar resolution to display quarters, months, weeks, or days.

  2. Visualize upcoming releases Add new or existing releases to your timeline. You can easily drag content on the whiteboard to adjust the timing or order.

  3. Align goals and epics Capture the product goals that each release supports and include the epics or major areas of functionality that you plan to deliver.

  4. Customize to display status or progress Insert colored flags to show how each epic ties to your goals and use tags to highlight important details. Add a green checkmark to indicate when a release or epic is complete.

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