Product manager resume templates

Job hunting can be daunting. Product management especially is a highly competitive market. The field is growing in popularity, as more people are drawn to the entrepreneurial nature of the role and broad scope of work that product managers can take on. Recruiters are busy too — typically spending an average of 7.4 seconds reading each resume. You need a compelling, well-structured resume to get their attention.

Of course, a resume is more than just a recitation of your work experience. Your resume is the first glimpse a prospective employer gets into your potential to make a positive impact on their organization. It should present a clear picture of your experience, significant achievements, and where you would like to go in your career. Whether you are a seasoned product manager or someone trying to break into the field, an effective resume helps recruiters quickly see how you are the right fit for a product management role at their company.

How do I start building a product manager resume?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a resume. You do not need to outline every responsibility for every job you have held — think about how to align your experience with the specific role to which you are applying.

As you research, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I motivated to make a job or career change now?

  • What is exciting about this new role?

  • What experience do I have that directly aligns with the job requirements?

  • What accomplishments and metrics can I provide as evidence?

  • What skills will help highlight my qualifications?

How you answer these questions serves as a guide for what to include in your resume. The best job applicants then tailor their resume to the specific company and role they are seeking. Learn all you can about the company, product team, and hiring manager.

What should be included in a product manager resume?

A strong resume is concise, easy-to-read, and captures the essence of who you are. It describes what you have accomplished and what you are pursuing. Sub-sections, bullet points, and concrete examples make it easier for a recruiter to scan and evaluate.

Include the following components for a stand-out resume:

Open with a summary of your expertise and career highlights, including strengths and skills that fit the role. Identify a couple key results you have achieved to help the recruiter understand what you could bring to their organization. Avoid jargon or cliches (like ninja or guru) that do not add value.

Relevant work and skills
This section details your work history and areas of focus. Include job responsibilities that are most similar to the role you are applying for. Emphasize hard skills such as "user experience design" and "strategic planning" — use soft skills like "detail-oriented" or "resourceful" sparingly.

Include key metrics to show measurable impacts you have had in prior roles. Tangible metrics — such as number of people managed, frequency of shipped features, or amount of money saved — transform job duties into accomplishments that tell a more meaningful story. Of course, do not use vanity metrics that over-conflate your impact.

Education and certifications
List university education, continued education, and any certifications in this section. Product management is constantly evolving — continual learning shows that you are keeping up with advances in the field.

Link to applicable work
Show off your best work so employers can get a better picture of your abilities. Include links to your LinkedIn profile, website, or any relevant work samples — including product launches you have collaborated on or led.

Product manager resume templates

The following resume templates for product managers are formatted to emphasize different aspects of your experience. Choose the template that you think will best highlight your expertise and help you stand out from other applicants. Download each template for free and customize it to fit your needs.

Standard product manager resume
This product manager resume format is the most common — equally suitable for someone early in their career or someone seeking a more senior role. It presents job experience in chronological order (starting with most recent) and gives you space to list responsibilities and accomplishments in each role you have held.

Functional product manager resume
A functional product manager resume is a compelling option for more senior product managers. It is formatted to show the breadth of your skills by breaking out key responsibilities into themes, such as portfolio management, project management, and developer management.

Mid-level product manager resume
A combination product manager resume places chronological work experience next to functional product management abilities. It is a great way for mid-level product managers to give context to the skills, disciplines, and methods you are well-versed in as you apply to more senior product management positions.

Entry-level product manager resume
This entry-level product manager resume is perfect for recent college graduates looking to break into the product management field. The format focuses on experience gained while pursuing an education, such as internships and product-related coursework.

Review your application thoroughly, and double-check for accuracy and consistency. Once you have submitted an application, think about preparing for next steps — the interview process. Refer to this list of interview questions for product managers to help you prepare.

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