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If you are working with a dynamic team, it is important to have one place to manage and view everything related to your workspace. The Info menu in Aha! Roadmaps organizes your workspace into four sections: Overview, Notes, Files and Users. If you are an Enterprise+ user, you also have access to a fifth section: Custom tables.

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Add a description that defines your workspace. The language that is used here is often the same language that is used in the boilerplate on the press release to describe your company and the products or services it offers. You can also choose to describe your workspace differently — if your workspace represents a digital marketing team, for example, part of a larger marketing line, you might want to use this space to talk about what you are excited about your team accomplishing together.

You may also enhance this page with custom fields to add additional data to your overview, and a logo for reference in competitor views.

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From meeting agendas to marketing guidelines, strategic planning often requires notes. Notes in Aha! Roadmaps are flexible and collaborative — use them to define team processes, train new members, document an overview of your workspace, or any other use that comes to mind. Create note templates to drive consistency across teams and establish a standard approach for documentation. Notes are searchable making them easy to find. If you need to collaborate or reference another note or another Aha! Roadmaps record, just @mention or #mention. Use notes to create custom content and share them via Aha! Roadmaps presentations.

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Files can be attached throughout Aha! Roadmaps to help define workflows, manage successful releases, provide additional context, and any other way you may need to inform your work. The Files menu enables you to easily search and filter your entire workspace for images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Files can also be shared with others via Aha! Roadmaps presentations.

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The Users page allows you to manage users in your Aha! Roadmaps workspace. If you have owner permissions, you can remove and change permissions for users. If you are an administrator with billing permissions, you can delete users and manage them at an account level at Settings ⚙️ Account Users.

You can also add users to your account from this page, if one of the following scenarios is true:

  • You are an administrator with billing permissions.

  • You are a workspace owner for your current workspace, and your Aha! Roadmaps account does not have paid seat groups enabled.

  • You are a workspace owner for your current workspace, your Aha! Roadmaps account does have paid seat groups enabled, you are an owner for a paid seat group, and your paid seat group has a seat available.

On the Users page:

  • Click the user's name to Edit their permissions.

  • Check or uncheck the Send box by in the Weekly summary email column to adjust the user's weekly summary email notifications.

  • Mouse-hover over a user's row and click Remove user from workspace in the Actions column to remove the user from your workspace. Remember, only administrators can remove the user from your account.

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Custom tables (Enterprise+)

Enterprise+ users have access to custom tables from the Info menu. Use custom tables to extend the Aha! Roadmaps data model to include the information most pertinent to your team's strategic decisions. You can link custom tables to Aha! Roadmaps records with custom fields, and build sophisticated calculations with them using custom worksheets.

Navigate to Info Custom tables to get started.


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