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Feature requirement

Capture the most important details for any product feature

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About the feature requirement template

Features are the building blocks of your product. As you continue to evolve and improve your offering, a lot of the product team's time will be spent delivering feature-level work.

So writing detailed feature requirements is an essential part of a product manager's job. You want to be sure to give the engineering team enough detail to avoid surprises later on — but not so much that they feel constrained.

The benefit extends beyond the core development team too. Having feature requirements captured in a concise template is helpful for cross-functional teams who will support the launch of new functionality.

Best practices

Streamline how you define and describe features.

  1. Start with the basics Fill in foundational information in the template, such as feature name, owner, team, and a high-level description of the functionality.

  2. Align with strategy Tie every feature to the product goal and initiative (or theme of work) it supports and estimate the value of the feature to guide prioritization.

  3. Check your assumptions Continue to fill out the template being mindful of your product's end user. Which problems keep them up at night? What's standing in their path to success? How will your product help them excel at what they do and be happy doing it?

  4. Get to work This template is good start for small teams. Update it throughout the product development process. If you find that you outgrow it, consider defining requirements and tracking product work in Aha! Roadmaps.

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