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Craft a help article for customers

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About the knowledge base article template

Well-developed knowledge base articles empower customers to learn new functionality, troubleshoot issues independently, and get the most of your offering. This fosters a positive user experience and even contributes to customer retention.

Planning your next help article using our template streamlines the process and ensures consistency across all support materials. Our template includes sections for a concise summary, step-by-step instructions, relevant permissions, and FAQs. You can also embed visuals like screenshots or videos where applicable.

As you craft your article, focus on conciseness and relevance. Use simple language and avoid jargon. By following a structured approach, you can publish articles more quickly and get customers the help they need.

Best practices

Draft user-friendly support documentation that motivates customers and reduces support overhead.

  1. Set the context Introduce new features and their value to users. Clearly articulate what problem the features solve. This helps customers understand why they should care and how new updates impact their workflows.

  2. Create easy-to-follow steps Use simple language and provide clear instructions accompanied by images, videos, or sound. Ensure that users can easily replicate the steps outlined in the article to start using the new features effectively.

  3. Outline user permissions Define specific permissions associated with each user role. For example, administrators might have full access to a new feature and its settings, while editors can use the functionality but not change settings, and viewers are view-only.

  4. Address common questions Anticipate potential questions or challenges users may encounter while using the new features. Provide simple answers to help them troubleshoot on their own.

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