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Release notes

Communicate updates from your latest release

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About the release notes template

Release notes are a great way to communicate new product features, improvements, and bug fixes to users. Think of them like the bow on top of the gifts you are delivering — one additional piece of the Complete Product Experience (CPE).

This release note template streamlines the process and ensures consistency. This not only saves you time, but also makes notes more digestible to readers.

As you draft release notes, focus on relevance and clarity. Explain changes in plain language, organize the information logically, and include context about why the changes were made. Keeping users in the know about how your product is evolving builds trust and loyalty

How to use

Be transparent about product changes and enhancements.

  1. Review recent updates Start by listing out anything you recently shipped and want to share with customers — summarizing what changed and the benefit. (If you use Aha! Roadmaps, let AI quickly generate your release notes for you.)

  2. Format consistently Organize your product updates in a consistent way so users can quickly scan and absorb the details. This template provides separate sections for new features, improvements to existing functionality, and bug fixes, but you can easily adjust it to suit your needs.

  3. Engage your audience Add visuals — like screenshots, GIFs, or videos — to illustrate new features or changes and link to relevant support articles for more information. Let users know how they can provide feedback or suggest improvements to foster a sense of community.

  4. Publish your release notes Export your release notes as a webpage and share the link directly with customers. If you use Aha! Ideas, you can publish them as a custom page in your ideas portal.

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