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Product vision

Set your vision for where you want your company or product to be in the future

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About the product vision template

Vision is about the future. It is core to who you are as a company and what you hope to achieve. Your company and product vision form the beginning of your strategy. For example, our vision at Aha! is simple — we aspire for a world of lovable software built by happy teams.

Your vision should feel inspiring and direct — written in plain language. Everyone in the company needs to know and deeply understand it. No matter what role a person has, they should be able to connect their work back to the vision and strategy. This is one of the best ways to bring greater meaning to daily tasks.

Use this whiteboard template to define or evaluate your vision as part of your strategic planning process. Revisit it at least once per year or any time the organization undergoes major shifts.

How to use

Help everyone understand the larger purpose behind your company and product.

  1. Set your vision Write a concise vision statement that establishes your larger purpose. Consider that vision should be enduring — even as market conditions and product direction may change.

  2. Provide essential context Include a high-level view of your opportunities as a company, how you are going to pursue them, and any challenges you will need to overcome. Documenting these details in one view clarifies an approach for the team to rally around.

  3. Connect your everyday work Share your vision with the broader team — so it becomes a cornerstone for everything you do. This helps everyone understand the strategic importance of their work and make informed decisions about what is a priority and what is not.

  4. Reevaluate periodically Revisit your vision every year or so — or any time the organization is undergoing a major transformation. You want to make sure it still aligns with who you are as a company and why you exist.

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