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Fit gap analysis

Determine whether a software solution fits the needs of your organization

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About the fit gap analysis template

Introducing new software to your organization requires thorough evaluation. You want to make sure the solution meets your needs — with no surprises later.

A fit gap analysis exercise can be invaluable in this process. It provides a systematic approach for comparing your needs and existing workflows with the features and capabilities offered by the software in question. This template goes beyond functional requirements so you can assess areas like customization, integrations, scalability, security, and user experience.

Of course, you also need to anticipate future needs to evaluate whether the solution will support you in the long run. Bring in cross-functional partners to work through these considerations together.

Best practices

Make informed decisions about software adoption.

  1. Define your requirements Capture your organization's specific needs for a software solution in the table. Involve key stakeholders to ensure that all relevant requirements are considered.

  2. Evaluate the solution Assess the software that you are considering. Rate how well each requirement meets your needs using a scale of 1-5 and document any gaps.

  3. Prioritize the gaps Consider the significance of each gap. Some may be must-have requirements while others might be a nice-to-have. Rank the gaps based on their relative importance to your business.

  4. Make a decision Consider factors that address each gap — such as customization, configuration, or alternative approaches. Decide whether to proceed with the software or explore alternative solutions.

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