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The Aha! Framework

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About The Aha! Framework template

The Aha! Framework for product development is the engine that has powered our success for the last 10+ years. It is core to our company’s growth and position as market leader for product development software. Now, we are sharing it with you.

Our framework is structured around what we consider to be the nine essential stages of product development. Each one encompasses specific activities that facilitate steady progress during the product development journey. The process begins with biannual strategic alignment and involves ongoing sprints. Activities in the framework are presented sequentially, but many repeat frequently to support continuous deployment.

Use this template to view the entire framework, define your own best practices, and link to where the work should be completed in Aha! Roadmaps. The Aha! Framework is ideal for managing product development for a single product and can also be used for many products that have coordinated releases.

How to use

Follow a defined and proven model for product development.

  1. Define each step Make the framework your own. Customize the activities that happen at your organization during each stage of the product development lifecycle — from setting strategy through to analyzing the value delivered.

  2. Coordinate multiple products Make sure individual product plans align with your portfolio strategy. Clarify how to sync release plans and go-to-market activities across teams. (If you only have one product, you can skip this step).

  3. Review with stakeholders Establish agreed-upon processes for each step. Use annotation shapes and comments to align on best practices and give clear guidance to the team.

  4. Set the team up for success Share the diagram across your organization to drive adoption. Make it available in your internal wiki or better still, formalize your approach using the Frameworks functionality in Aha! Roadmaps.

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