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Decision log

Record key decisions to provide transparency and insights into your decision-making process

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About the decision log template

Simple decisions might be self-explanatory. But if you are managing a complex project or product team, there will be many decisions that require deeper analysis.

This is where a decision log comes in handy. Use it to record the rationale behind key decisions — including the context, options considered, and factors influencing the choice.

Over time, reviewing the log will reveal patterns that make decision-making more efficient. For instance, you will better understand which decisions are "rinse and repeat" and which require more time or stakeholder input.

How to use

Capture important information about product, project, and team decisions.

  1. Start with purpose Define the purpose of your decision log and how you will use it. It is important that the team understands which decisions require recording as well as the information to include (e.g., decision type, decision owner, stakeholders, rationale, etc).

  2. Track decisions Capture decisions chronologically. Clearly articulate alternatives considered, the reasons behind the chosen path, and potential impacts. This not only provides context for current decisions but also serves as a valuable learning tool for future decisions.

  3. Bring stakeholders together Gather relevant team members to review and discuss the decision log together. Leverage diverse perspectives to refine the details and add comments in the template to spotlight areas that require deeper exploration.

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