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Product positioning

Articulate the key benefits of your product and the problem it solves

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About the product positioning template

Product positioning is a strategic exercise that defines where your product or service fits in the marketplace and why it is better than other options. The goal is to demonstrate an understanding of who your audience is, what they need, and how your product makes a difference in their lives.

Use this template to create an internal document that will then anchor your product marketing activities in the actual value you offer, going beyond product features and functionality. You will want to involve both product management and product marketing in this exercise.

Once your positioning is defined, create a short product positioning statement that distills the essential information. Here is an example you can build on:

For [group of users] that [need/want], [company/product] is a [category/solution] that uniquely solves this by [benefit].

Best practices

Position your company and product for success.

  1. Craft your positioning Articulate what makes your company and product unique. Define your vision, mission, market category, what your target customers need, and how you want to be known.

  2. Customize the layout Make the template your own. Rearrange the order of the components and edit names and colors. Easily add new ones and remove existing ones as needed.

  3. Share with the team Once your positioning is complete, share it broadly with internal teams so everyone understands your product’s unique value.

  4. Shape your messaging Use your positioning to inform how you tell your product story externally, crafting messages that are rooted in the truth of your offering and how it helps your customers.

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