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10Ps marketing matrix

Define the essential elements of your go-to-market strategy

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About the 10Ps marketing matrix template

A core part of any go-to-market plan is determining how to position your product and reach the right audience. You may be familiar with the 4Ps of marketing — product, price, promotion, and place. The 10Ps were developed as an extension of those four to help founder, marketers, and product leaders think more holistically about your strategy. It adds people, process, programs, physical environment, partners, and positioning to the mix.

Use this template when bringing a new product to market or identifying ways to improve your existing marketing strategy. Capturing all 10Ps in one place shows cross-functional teams how each element contributes to your success.

You can add and remove items of the matrix as you need, change colors, or include sticky notes to provide more context. When you are ready to move from planning to implementation, convert any items on the whiteboard into real work in Aha! Roadmaps and move forward with confidence.

Best practices

Get a full picture of customers, channels, and market context.

  1. Capture the fundamentals Choose the product or service you want to focus on and outline the basics in each box of the template. Link out to existing documentation where it makes sense, such as customer personas or current marketing programs.

  2. Refine your thinking Gather teammates to review the details together and push each other's thinking. Add comments and highlight information that deserves deeper discussion. Think of your 10Ps as a living document — one that you will revisit and enhance as you learn more about what works in market.

  3. Set plans in motion Now that you have the foundation of your marketing strategy, it is time to get to work. Convert details on the template into work items in Aha! Roadmaps. Determine deliverables, dates, and assignees — then track the progress of the work.

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