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Value proposition

Communicate your product's unique benefits and value to customers

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About the value proposition template

Customer value should be at the center of everything you do. This is why crafting a strong value proposition is essential for guiding your team and ensuring your product meets customer needs.

Use this value proposition template to articulate the unique value your product offers. Aim to keep the details focused, emphasizing the most critical aspects that will increase your success in the market.

Dividing your value proposition statement into slices, as this template allows, helps you structure your thoughts and create a compelling message. Ultimately, you want the message to resonate with both teammates and your audience — so everyone understands what sets you apart.

Best practices

Craft a compelling value proposition for your product or service.

  1. Understand your target market Start by identifying the customer segment or audience you intend to target. Thoroughly research the pain points of your target customers — your value proposition should address these needs directly.

  2. Distill your findings Work through each of the questions in the framework. Add sticky notes to capture who your target customers are, their top challenges, and how your offering provides a better solution than the alternatives.

  3. Write a clear and simple statement Explain your value proposition in one concise sentence — using language that is easy to understand and communicate. Make sure your value proposition aligns with your overall business strategy and supports your long-term growth plans.

  4. Validate and iterate Test your value proposition with your target customers to gather feedback and make improvements. Keep refining your value proposition based on real-world results and insights.

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