We now have a simple way to share initiative statuses in Aha!

Elizabeth Chisholm

Research & Development Analyst

We had a problem

Research and development is a dynamic area -- projects change, sometimes significantly and on a daily basis. Keeping everything up-to-date was difficult and time consuming. Key information and action items were buried within spreadsheets, documents, and emails. Knowing where things were and what needed to be done was tricky. Attempting to tie all of the initiatives and work together without a consistent and maintainable structure was a challenge. It was especially difficult to see how different aspects related to each other and to the wider goals of the organization.

Aha! as a solution

We quickly saw three key benefits to using Aha! -- updates, visibility, and structure. Having the ability to quickly and simply add updates to projects and initiatives made it possible to keep everything fresh. Previously, only one person at a time could edit a document with key product information. Whereas with Aha! the whole team is able to make updates simultaneously.

Aha! allows us to get information and actions out of siloed documents and up to a level where the team can see and reference them. Everyone knows what is happening and what is required.

I love the way Aha! allows me to keep up to date and on track with the diverse products, projects, and tasks I’m working on.

Now, our work follows a consistent structure -- starting with goals that flow through into our plans. The Aha! features board provides a coherent view of how everything relates and what the impact will be when things change.

Life is good

Today, we are notified when updates are added to Aha! -- the team is better informed. And all the information on a given piece of work is visible in one place. We attach important reference documents so that people do not have to search for them.

Aha! makes it easy for me to see what state the products are at and what projects are coming up next.

Our stakeholders love Aha! notebooks, which provide a simple and visual way of sharing the status of our initiatives. And Aha! keeps improving all the time. Some of our improvement suggestions have already been implemented.