Aha! seamlessly serves all of our product management needs

Jose-Miguel Pulido

CTO and co-founder

We had a problem

We knew that we needed to dramatically improve our product roadmapping process. We would create a high-level product roadmap, but then struggle to keep our priorities in order and have everyone on board and informed as time went on. We wanted to be able to define our product strategy and then collaborate on it with everyone from the board to product management to engineering. And once the high level plan was set, we needed to be able to track and prioritize business-level features and requirements within the roadmap. This was impossible with the tools that we were using! We were desperate for one graceful and fully functional tool that would allow us to work through this process dynamically as a team.

Aha! as a solution

We were excited to find Aha! and eager to put it to use. The implementation of Aha! was intuitive and let us get started right away. With Aha! in place, we have a perfect view of our roadmap that is interactive and keeps everyone up to the moment. Aha! helps us create a customized visual display of our product roadmap including a detailed description of releases and features and capture the team's feedback.

Our ability to communicate with the entire company about our roadmap and releases has dramatically improved thanks to Aha!

Using the Aha! score capability, we can rate, track and prioritize features based on what we think is critical. As importantly it makes it easy to say "no" to ideas that are not aligned with where we are headed. When it comes to planning what features are going into a release, we love the customizable card-based view because it is an easy and efficient way to quickly do our planning and communicate with the rest of the organization. Aha! gives us the product strategy and planning tool that that we were looking for!

Life is good

Thanks to Aha! we can seamlessly move through product development and easily and beautifully communicate the entire roadmapping process to everyone in the company. Our product roadmap and release schedule is readily available to all stakeholders.

Fast and easy to use, Aha! is our single solution for the entire roadmapping process.

This keeps us in sync and always moving in the right direction. It is fast, modern and easy to use for everyone. Aha! is the product development roadmapping tool that gives us exactly what we were looking for – the ability to prioritize, plan, and release and also communicate in one cloud-based, fully interactive location.