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Aha makes product management a joyful, productive, and rational activity.

Lukman Ramsey, CTO

About Acrobatiq

Acrobatiq is educators, learning engineers and scientists, software engineers, and entrepreneurs, who share a passion for education and a laser-focus on enabling the measurable improvement of learning. Helping students become better learners and faculty and institutions increase student success is at the heart of our intelligent courseware, learning analytics, and consulting and professional development services. Acrobatiq is born out of Carnegie Mellon University's long history of excellence in cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and software engineering. We are privileged to build upon the success of CMU's Open Learning Initiative (OLI), a pioneer in online learning, and the broader CMU community. OLI’s work in the science of learning and proven results have laid the foundation for our work.

We had a problem

Building software to help learners and teachers increase success – we know how to do that. Building a product development roadmap – now that was a challenge. We were finding it difficult to even begin the roadmapping process. We desperately needed a roadmapping tool that would help us start the process of building a product development strategy and then help us guide our team through the process of product development. Working out of multiple offices with engineers in one location and product stakeholders in another also presented a major communications challenge. We wanted a centralized, accessible way to define the product and our vision and to map out and prioritize its features and releases. We needed a tool to help the team understand what we were building and to visual what was coming. We wanted to keep everyone in sync and to keep the process flowing. What we needed was a user-friendly, easily accessible tool that would allow us to define our product requirements, track our feature development and releases, and communicate all this in real-time to our team. Was that possible?

Aha! as a solution

We began using Aha! and everything started coming together. We now have a cloud-based, fully accessible place to properly define our product. We can map our key strategic imperatives to the features and upcoming releases. With the customizable scoring for each product feature, we can clearly consider and prioritize each feature and determine its overall value to the product. Aha! captures and visually displays our roadmap for all of our team members to use and interact with. The tool also keeps product management and engineering in sync with each other using its two-way Jira integration. The whole team, no matter their location, can keep track of newly developed features automatically and in real-time. It pulls the team together in a positive and productive way. Aha! really has been a savior for us.

Life is good

With Aha! we jumped right in! Aha! gives us a tool that is a simple, natural way to work through the complex process of roadmapping product development. We were able to get started immediately with our product development using Aha! because the user interface is easy for everyone to use and understand. This saves us valuable time and lets our creative juices flow. Where previously we were stuck at defining our product, with Aha! we can quickly define and view releases simultaneous across the 15+ products we may have going at any one time. We also love that everyone can easily view and manage features and their requirements in real-time. And, everyone can see at a glance where the product stands: the priorities, what we are working on and what’s coming.

Easy to get started and a pleasure to use, Aha! makes sense of product development roadmapping.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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