We pivoted our whole product development process in Aha!

Scott Livingston

Technical Product Manager

We had a problem

Our product team lacked visibility because our project plans were all completed within several spreadsheets. This meant that our project documents were located in many different places — and hard to find when we needed them. Our cross-functional product team depends on us for leadership. When we hesitated and did not know where things were, this impacted the entire team — and hindered collaboration between different groups. Eventually, we noticed that collaboration between the Marketing team and our developers was fragmented. And that was our cue to find a tool for all of us to use.

Aha! as a solution

Thanks to the Home dashboard in Aha! we now have a clear view of where our team is headed — and so does everyone in the company. For the first time, we can properly plan our resources and development schedules since we can drill down to project schedules and details.

Aha! allows for attaching documents directly to projects, including specific features and requirements. This allows us to associate each document with its relevant project, release, or feature. There is no more hunting for endless lost documents since people know where to attach and find them. This has encouraged our developers to document their progress even more since they can attach documents to as many features and requirements as needed.

Aha! has enabled us to visibly collaborate on projects across the entire company. We love how we’ve been able to consolidate the number of tools that our team uses. Now, we only use Aha!

The flexibility of the Features board has worked wonders for helping Marketing collaborate with Engineering. The board allows both groups to focus their discussions on all the planned features and develop the requirements for each feature together. Customer feedback collected by Marketing now goes directly to the developer notes within each feature. This gives our developers a stronger understanding of what they must develop — and allows us to meet customer expectations more efficiently than ever before.

Life is good

The more often we use Aha! to its full extent, the more our productivity grows. I constantly discover new features and ways that Aha! will help us work smarter. I can already see that Aha! will help prevent scope creep and reduce rework. And once we give customers visibility and buy-in via their own Ideas portal in Aha! their satisfaction will be priceless.

We have absolute trust in the Aha! product. It is essential for our product planning, development, and execution.

Aha! has changed our work so drastically that we have pivoted our whole product development process around it. We are purposely not trying to fit Aha! into our existing processes. Instead, we have committed to following the way that Aha! works.