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IST Aha! Moment

Aha! gives me a clear overview of my products and my roadmap. It really enhances my work and puts me in control over my products.

Johan Lindblom, Product Manager

About IST

IST is the largest supplier of IT solutions for schools and preschools in the Nordic region. Founded in 1985, the IST Group develops and maintains flexible and limitless IT solutions for support throughout the entire education life cycle – from preschool to university. IST aims to make administration more efficient, facilitate communication, and create new possibilities in the teaching process.

We had a problem

We had trouble with requirement traceability. Our roadmap clarity was not as strong as it could have been. As a result, product vision and release planning suffered. End-to-end integration was often delayed, as we’d get bogged down in details that prevented us from celebrating small wins. As you might expect, this didn’t always make for the best relations between teams.

Aha! as a solution

Aha!’s integration with Jira was the biggest plus for us. Jira is an excellent “How”, but Aha! is the “When”, “Why”, and “What”. The two-way integration between Aha! and Jira is invaluable. Any changes made in Aha! are also reflected in Jira (and vice versa). This has had enormous impact on how our product and engineering teams collaborate.

The requirement numbering also helped put our teams on track; before long, we were producing reports and notebooks in Aha! that we could have only dreamt of before. Our product strategy and release planning took on new life, as we are now able to visually track and share progress between teams. This enables us to know in real time whether our daily work is getting us closer to our quarterly goals. Features including the Aha! score also play a huge role in our success; we can easily assess whether we’re on track, and which initiatives are yielding the most value.

Life is good

The end-to-end traceability in Aha! keeps our product managers and engineers synchronized. Thanks to Aha!’s integration with Jira, everyone can access our progress and results. We now have total control over my products and related backlogs. This sense of autonomy is invaluable. Product managers have so many people to please, and so many goals to juggle. Aha! helps us stay on track, monitor our progress, and stay confident that we’re heading in the right direction.

Aha! has taken our product management to the highest level. Our goals are to make administration more efficient and facilitate communication. Now, our team can practice what we preach.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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