Aha! is the complete solution we didn't know we needed

Jimena Almendares

Chief Product Officer

We had a problem

We tried other roadmapping solutions, but none met all our requirements. At one point, we even thought that we had found the one, but it had real issues. Our previous roadmapping solution tracked ongoing work well, but didn't give us visibility into how all those projects were related or contributed towards a product vision. Because it only tracked individual to dos and not how they worked together, we didn't have a good overview of everything and how it fit together towards the ultimate goal.

We wanted to be able to see all the release deadlines and visualize how the sum of many individual tasks by different team members led to the final product. Our teams struggled to share the product pipeline with each other as all the details lived in separate documents and presentations. We wanted the whole team to know what was in the pipeline after the current project over both the short and long term and what the priorities were. We were looking for a perfect match for our needs and expectations.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! was the perfect match because it met all of our requirements and more. It really brought everyone and everything together and got us working as a team with vision. In Aha! everything is connected. Using Aha! our whole product team works on to dos, features and releases and the sum of all that work gives us better visibility on releases, timelines, priorities and direction of the product. Before, we would accumulate product feedback via email, but it was a challenge to dig through all the responses and apply them to the roadmap. Having a visual representation of a project and its timeline is really helpful. That way, the team is aware of upcoming deadlines and roadblocks we need to tackle so no one gets stuck waiting for something.

Aha! allows us to see in one place how the team’s work and individual to-dos all fit together and contribute to the product’s vision and company goals.

We love that in Aha! we can accumulate ideas in one place and then promote the most important ones to a feature. We like to think of Aha! as working like a Russian Doll system where our critical pieces of information are connected to each other in a way to create organizational levels within the whole. That is, individual to dos contribute to a feature, the feature contributes to a release and releases contribute to a product roadmap, and hence, we have the vision.

Life is good

If we were talking about love, it would be a perfect match! Aha! meets and exceeds all our product development roadmapping needs and the Customer Success team is outstanding. The Aha! team is accessible, fast and really helpful in giving us feedback on how to make the most of Aha! for our specific needs. As each of our team members started using Aha! it became more and more clear that this is the most complete solution for our product management.

Product managers, we fell in love with Aha! and so will you.

In addition to quick, meaningful answers to our questions, Aha! has gone beyond expectations by making updates to fit our needs. Knowing that Aha! works with individual customers to adapt to their specific needs made committing to Aha! worry-free.