We saved countless hours on product reporting thanks to Aha!

Andrew Darrant

B2B Product Manager

We had a problem

We had multiple products with poorly defined boundaries and development roadmaps. And with several disjointed “live” development streams, we were finding it difficult to get projects finished to everyone’s satisfaction. Plus, different people within the organization held their own view of the current state and direction of travel of the products, but there was no clear and commonly understood vision. And finally, reporting to senior management was prohibitively time-consuming.

Aha! as a solution

Now we have created multiple products in Aha! based on subject area (rather than channel), and we have utilised Initiatives to plan the strategic route with senior management. We have also added some custom fields to Initiatives, allowing us to plan at a high level which initiatives relate to which delivery channels.

Using the “Channels” custom field in Aha!, we have utilised features and releases to capture both current capability and to identify opportunities for cross-channel delivery. We are able to bring under control our current development projects, bringing clarity on where they fit into overall strategy. This makes it easier for us to focus on the key deliverables of these projects and secure the resources needed to “get them over the line.”

Aha! gives me a simple and elegant way of structuring, managing and reporting on my product roadmap and strategy.

We are able to build a product roadmap and backlog, which gives clarity on what data and functionality shall be delivered to which channels.

We are utilising reports such as lists and pivot tables, as well as some of the other views, to build notebooks. This will significantly reduce the time required each week in producing such reports, whilst gaining the confidence and support of the company’s senior management.

Life is good

Aha! is helping us to save time on management reporting.

We now have the flexibility to structure product strategy, roadmap, capability and plans all in one place.

We also appreciate the ability to customise and add your own fields in Aha!, which allows you to make the tool work for the peculiarities of your own organisation.