How Aha! became our central work hub for project planning

Tiaan Kruger

IT Delivery Manager

We had a problem

Our team is responsible for strategic IT initiatives that support global sales. We implement key projects — such as sales process automation — to improve underlying business operations. We use as our CRM system. Our team works with the business to define new capabilities and coordinate the delivery. is a complex platform that integrates with many other systems. This requires us to work closely with other product owners across the organization to align our plans. Previously, we used a combination of spreadsheets, slide decks, and other documents to capture our roadmaps and features. We struggled to communicate our strategy and coordinate plans with others in an efficient and effective way.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! provides a complete framework to manage complex projects in a consistent way. It also allows us to visualize roadmaps better than any other tool available. Now, we have program-level visibility across all of our strategic initiatives. And we can build detailed implementation plans that show exactly what will be delivered and when.

Aha! makes it easy to visualize and communicate roadmaps in a beautiful and elegant way. This helps us align around transformational business initiatives that are important to move the business forward.

We also use Aha! to manage our day-to-day tasks. The ability to create to-dos and see all of our work in one place helps us focus on what needs to be done. The integration with Rally also provides real-time updates about development progress. This lets us quickly check status and answer questions with no additional overhead to the team.

Life is good

Aha! makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful roadmaps. The visuals are outstanding — and they can be generated in minutes. This lets us communicate how complex initiatives tie together in a way that everyone understands.

Aha! connects product owners with business users so we can work together closely to deliver new capabilities that accelerate global sales.

We also love the self-serve visibility that Aha! provides. It has become a central hub where business users can see what we are working on and share their feedback. This helps us work in a more agile and collaborative way.