How we increased our product team's productivity with Aha!

Jean-Francois Roy

Sr. Director, Product Management and Strategic Initiatives

We had a problem

We needed a consistent way to perform product management functions across a large number of teams. Each team's worked was siloed, which meant we did not have a centralized view of plans and progress being made across the organization. Using Jira as both the engineering and product management platform was not working for us. There was a constant power struggle over what details should be defined in Jira. We wanted a dedicated platform for product management.

We also lacked an effective method for gathering customer feedback. We relied solely on our customer service team to share customer requests with us. But we wanted a way to hear directly from our customers — to make it easier for them to share ideas and to reduce the burden on our customer service team.

Aha! as a solution

Now our product managers have dedicated roadmapping software that is tailored to their work. And the integration with Jira means that product and engineering teams can each work in their tool of choice and collaborate seamlessly on updates.

Aha! helped transform the way our product teams work — from how we capture customer ideas to planning and sharing product roadmaps.

An Aha! ideas portal is now our main customer feedback interface. We integrated the portal directly into our community site so customers can easily share their needs. We can also view all customer feedback activity in a single view. This makes it simple to track and review new requests in a timely way.

Aha! presentations help us provide greater visibility at the executive level. We are now confident in the roadmaps we share because they are always up to date.

Life is good

Aha! has helped our product management organization reach a new level of maturity. The value we gain from Aha! will only increase as teams become more familiar with the interface and workflows.

TIBCO product managers have improved their planning efficiency by about 20 percent.

Having a centralized view of our product roadmaps keeps our plans aligned. And we can report on product metrics to measure how well the team is doing against our goals.