Aha! helps us balance strategy with tactical work

Anthony Knezevic

Director of Medicine IT

We had a problem

We provide the IT services that are necessary to deliver training, clinical, and research programs across four university campuses and more than 80 hospitals. We customize and integrate our learning ecosystem to support our students’ unique learning experience. Our customers are the physicians, educators, and administrators who run these programs. This creates a lot of competing demands. Previously, we lacked a centralized system to track and prioritize requests. It was difficult to plan ahead because our time was spent reacting to the most urgent issues each day.

We needed a roadmap to guide how we set priorities and to communicate what would be delivered and when. We also wanted to create a long-term plan to align the organization around the technical capabilities necessary to move our organization forward.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! is the most versatile product management software available. The product hierarchy allows us to create a distinct roadmap for each application and initiative that we support — and then bring everything together in a single view.

Aha! allows us to create a strategic IT roadmap that balances day-to-day tactical requests with the technical capabilities our organization will need for the future.

The ability to visualize all of our work in Aha! also makes it easier to identify and communicate shared needs, cross-program dependencies, and resource constraints. Our stakeholders no longer see IT as a black box — they can track the status of requests directly and participate in the prioritization process.

We now work in a more agile and streamlined way. This is because we can customize Aha! to the needs of different teams — regardless of work type or approach — and still see how everything ties together.

Life is good

Aha! helps us balance short-term delivery with long-term planning. This allows us to define an IT strategy so we can support the university’s vision for the future and not just react to immediate technical needs.

Aha! allows us to be more transparent about our plans — building trust and credibility with our stakeholders.

Aha! also helps facilitate conversations between leadership and other groups. Now that we have a clear roadmap, everyone understands the priorities. This makes it easier to say no to requests that do not align with our strategy and to better set delivery expectations.