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PerformLine, Inc Aha! Moment

The interface is intuitive and organized in a way that makes sense for product management. It takes no time at all to be up and running.

Sarah Skelton, Director of Product

About Performline

Performline builds tools that answer the calls from lead buyers and sellers for independent and reliable compliance monitoring technology and services. The PerformMatch SaaS platform is designed to directly benefit marketers and their partners in their quest to monitor all lead sources for full regulatory and brand compliance as well as alleviate tension in the advertiser-affiliate relationship.

We had a problem

Our product development roadmapping was not running as smoothly as we thought it should. We had organization, integration and communication challenges. We needed a way to organize high-level requirement documentation – in a single place that was accessible to everyone. We wanted to be able to manage releases and features and integrate ticket management within the same framework. Without a centralized location, we were also having difficulty keeping everyone up-to-date and communication between business stakeholders and the product team suffered. It became clear, we needed an organized, integrated and accessible platform on which to work through the creation and development of our products.

Aha! as a solution

We found Aha! and it really made sense to us. We were able to begin using it right away because it is intuitive and well thought out. It just makes sense for product development teams. We instantly added in our product info, strategy, and began describing how we should be positioned in market. This started everyone out on the same page. Then Aha! features allowed us to write high level features and requirements for the engineering team. And we love that the entire team can use Aha! to comment on our roadmap plans and help us refine our thinking. And because it easily integrates with Pivotal Tracker our engineers can continue to use their system of choice. Our engineers are happy and we are all completely in sync. Aha! makes our roadmap planning process organized, transparent, and collaborative.

Life is good

Aha! has been such a great fit for our roadmapping, we can’t image product development without it! With everything in Aha! we save time on the drudgery of product development like creating and recreating communication documents and synching the product roadmap to ticket statuses. We no longer have to go back and forth with emails to get feedback and comments because we are all working off the same Aha! platform. And the process in Aha! is so dynamic that we are building documentation as we work through the development. Then the Aha! publication feature (notebooks) allows us to build release notes quickly and to share them easily through a secure link or PDF. With Aha! we have more time to spend working together to create and build the best product for our customers. We love Aha! because it really works for us and it really gets us working!

Organized and intuitive, Aha! is the obvious choice for product development roadmapping.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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