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IMO Online Aha! Moment

Aha! has been a terrific tool for bringing structure and consistency to our product management efforts. Its intuitive interface and flexibility allows us to use the tool’s Jira integration with great success. Our product team is now empowered with transparent task prioritization.

Jose Maldonado, Chief Product Officer

About IMO Online

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) Online develops, manages, and licenses medical terminology and healthcare IT software applications that allow clinicians to capture clinical intent at the point of care. IMO uses physician-friendly terms that are mapped to the preferred billing and reference codes. This enables clinicians to use their preferred terms while ensuring coding accuracy.

IMO Online produces the most widely used medical terminology service for healthcare solutions, making it possible for more than 2,500 hospitals and 350,000 clinicians to focus on patient care. IMO Online bridges the information gap between clinicians, coders, and patients in the U.S. and internationally.

We had a problem

It was very time-consuming for our product managers to produce their roadmaps in a consistent, consumable format for me and other members of senior leadership to review. Without a tool to help streamline this process, it was challenging to review and provide feedback.

Story prioritization by our development groups required numerous repetitive meetings between product managers and stakeholders, as well as the occasional guess. Since this process was not streamlined, it inevitably led to a missed milestone or two.

Finally, communicating new ideas for a given product was historically done via email. Unfortunately, ideas were sometimes lost and often repetitive.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! has given our product team centralized management of product roadmaps. This provides the real-time transparency that everyone needs. And since Aha! is such a consistent tool, it is also much easier for senior stakeholders to view and provide feedback on the product roadmaps.

The Aha! integration with Jira has united our product and development teams more than ever before. Our development project managers can now align stories with specific features and initiatives. This eliminates incorrect guesses and provides clarity around prioritization.

Aha! has also helped our product team manage ideas. Our ideas portal is open to everyone in the company. This is exciting, as it gives everyone the ability to contribute ideas and vote on the ones that they value. These extra data points are invaluable to the product management cycle. And Aha! makes it easy for our product team to give status updates for each unique idea.

Life is good

Our product team has saved considerable time and money since we started to use Aha! There are obvious cost savings — specifically around the need to keep our whole organization updated on our product roadmaps. I estimate that Aha! saves each product manager at least two hours per week on that task alone.

Aha! has helped our product team be more transparent with our entire organization.

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