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Targetbase Aha! Moment

Aha! provides us the ability to truly link client business strategy to our product and solution planning.

Vincent Armato, VP of Marketing Technology

About Targetbase

Consumers are using technology more than ever before, and there’s a sea of data being produced. Brands understand the importance of collecting data but are doing very little to apply it. And there’s even more unused data available. Targetbase is ready to change this. Just because there’s an abundance of data out there to be collected doesn’t mean you need all of it. You only need the data you’re going to use. The key is connecting the data and using it to generate intelligence.

We had a problem

Product planning was a challenge for us. We did not have a centralized repository that could house both business strategy and technology architecture. We needed to create and manage complex dependencies between client engagements, product features, and underlying technology deliverables. And on top of that, we needed to have visibility and get real-time reporting on changes in our product and offering catalogs.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! gave us the ability to manage our business strategy in one location. We are now able to effectively coordinate complex strategy for client engagements in the same place we perform product planning activities. It also has underlying database structures that enable us to create multi-tiered relationships between our solutions, products, and technologies.

Using Aha!, we can easily see interdependencies and make planning decisions that accommodate these relationships. Ultimately, Aha! has the variety of reporting mechanisms and views we need. These views enable us to visualize and communicate value from the data being managed.

Life is good

Aha! serves as a place for us to communicate product strategy, planning, and implementation. It gives us one master location for product management information and activities. The integrations are also equally meaningful to our team. We utilize Okta for single sign-on and Microsoft Visual Studio for product development.

Aha! provides structure and management to what was a previously disconnected and ad-hoc set of emails and documents.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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