Aha! is our go-to place for all of our product information

Steve Mariani

Director of Product Management

We had a problem

Prior to using Aha!, we lacked a shared vision for our product. We also struggled to define a process for planning and implementation that we could all stick to. As a result, we had no frame of reference to help us align around a common purpose and guide our decisions. It was a mess.

We could not make sense of all the ideas and requests coming in. Information was spread across multiple documents and systems, and there was no single source of truth to keep us on track.

As a rapidly growing company, we recognized the importance of finding a tool that would bring us together as a team and give us a structured process to execute in an organized way.

Aha! as a solution

The framework that Aha! provides for strategic planning and execution immediately resonated with our team. Aha! is what we call a “right weight” tool. It is incredibly powerful, yet easy to use and fast. It gets right to the essence of what really matters.

Aha! aligns us around a shared vision for what we want to achieve and our roadmap to help get us there. We now have clarity around our priorities and are able to execute in sync with each other.

Aha! hits the sweet spot for us. It enables us to work in a structured, organized, and agile way without losing sight of the bigger picture.

We capture our strategic initiatives in Aha! as epics and rank them based on value. Then we break down our epics into user stories on the features board and define our requirements. The ability to capture all of the details related to a story within Aha! — including screenshots and wireframes — is especially helpful as it keeps all of our product information in one place.

Our development team practices agile, so we use release containers in Aha! to organize user stories into sprints and track progress. We also integrate Aha! with Bitbucket and Slack. This enables us to easily collaborate as work gets underway without getting out of sync.

Life is good

Aha! has become our primary point of reference. It is the go-to place for all of our product information and assets. We now perform better as a cross-functional team as we have clarity around priorities and are able to coordinate our activities more effectively.

Aha! is our blueprint for execution. We now have a single point of reference that keeps the entire organization moving in the same direction and coordinated in our delivery.

Aha! ensures that we all follow a consistent agile process and, more importantly, that we are building a product that stays true to our vision.