How Aha! improved our productivity and customer satisfaction

Kate Blair

Director of Product Management

We had a problem

As problem solvers and solutions providers, we understand the impact of a great solution. That’s why when we needed help with our product roadmapping, we went looking for a really great solution. First, we wanted to address our difficulties with general project management of all our product-related efforts. We wanted to be able to focus on the customers—not implementation, yet still maintain the link between the two. We also struggled to communicate our product roadmap and the progress we made to each other and to stakeholders outside of the product team. With that in mind, we went looking for one really great solution.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! gave us a great solution, and we have greatly improved our overall project management. In Aha! we define product strategy and goals, then prioritize initiatives and features based on both what the customer values and how it can be implemented. Using Aha! we now easily communicate our product roadmap in real time. We particularly appreciate the ability to share specific products and product lines with unlimited viewers and reviewers.

Aha! helps my team focus on the customer when developing our products. As an engineering-heavy organization, this tool provides a space for my team to set implementation aside and concentrate on creating value for our users.

We also love the flexibility of Aha! which allows us to manage grant writing and blogging as well. In Aha! we created a product line for these “supporting efforts” that are not products per-se, but are managed by members of the product team and are often linked to product releases. Our writers definitely benefit from Aha! features and capabilities and having them in Aha! keeps the entire product story in one place. Our large team of engineers is also on board with Aha! because of its Jira integration capabilities which unifies the work and progress of the whole product team.

Life is good

Simply put, Aha! has had a tremendously positive impact on our product development roadmapping and therefore our customer satisfaction and productivity. By creating one place for everything that goes on with our product development, we have reduced our communication overhead.

Aha! is customizable and it works for everyone. Aha! is problem: solved.

Using Aha! encourages good product practices across the product lines for every team member. Finally, we love that Aha! is truly customizable to the quirks of our product process. It really works for the whole team and everyone wants in on it, including our writers, engineers and product managers.