How we created and presented custom roadmap views from Aha!

Jessica Kesler

Solution Manager

We had a problem

We build data and analytics solutions for customers. We wanted to optimize our product development and delivery processes by improving how we work cross-functionally. This was essential to being more agile and allowing us to focus our energy on strategic initiatives. Previously, the go-to-market process felt like a black box. We struggled to communicate the strategy and timeline to other groups in the organization. This made it difficult to collaborate on launch activities, prioritize deliverables, and track status.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! brings the entire product team together. Product management uses Aha! to define strategic initiatives, build roadmaps, and plan releases. Marketing uses Aha! to plan go-to-market strategies and manage launch deliverables. Both teams use Aha! to prioritize work, assign resources, and manage daily tasks.

Aha! provides visibility into every aspect of the product development lifecycle. It transforms the way cross-functional teams work together and allows us to deliver higher-value products faster.

We rely on the integration with Jira to collaborate with engineering. This gives us visibility into when work will be completed and allows us to check status updates in real time. And the integration with Salesforce keeps us in sync with our sales and consulting teams so we can capture feedback and requests.

Life is good

Aha! allows us to bring products to market in a more efficient way. It has dramatically improved cross-functional team collaboration. This is because everyone can now easily visualize the launch timeline and see what needs to be done. It is also clear who is accountable for delivering what.

Aha! is the only tool that enables all departments involved in product development and delivery to collaborate as one team. It is an incredibly flexible and dynamic application that positively impacts the success of our business.

Custom roadmaps are a game changer. They allow us to create a tailored view of our plans for each group so we can communicate the most relevant information. And the ability to share roadmaps via Aha! notebooks allows everyone to access the latest version — anytime.