Aha! simplified our portfolio planning and release process

Chris Brandt

Software Manager

We had a problem

Our team is responsible for a portfolio of six applications that assist distributors in the sales and management of our physical products. Each product has its own development team. Previously, each product was managed separately and followed a different planning process. Our product data was difficult to access as it was stored in multiple locations. This meant that we lacked visibility across the portfolio. It was tough to align all of our products around a shared business strategy and to coordinate release plans. We also struggled to provide leadership, internal teams, and customers with roadmap insights.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! gives us a centralized system to manage our entire product portfolio. This allows us to create a shared set of business goals and initiatives and to show how each product supports the overall strategy. We can also coordinate releases so that they follow the same quarterly cadence.

Aha! gives us visibility across our entire portfolio of products. This allows us to align roadmaps, identify dependencies, and establish consistent product management processes.

Our development teams use multiple instances of Jira to manage their work. The two-way integration with Aha! allows us to easily check status and make updates in one place. This gives us real-time visibility throughout the implementation process and keeps everyone in sync with the most current information. It also allows us to identify potential issues before they impact the release timeline.

Life is good

Aha! gives everyone access to the same product management information. This lets us define a cohesive strategy and execute against it. We can now identify portfolio-level opportunities and align individual product roadmaps to achieve our goals. We can also map cross-product dependencies and coordinate development activities more effectively.

Aha! simplifies portfolio management. Our planning and release processes are much smoother now that we can coordinate all of our product activities in one place.

We now have a consistent planning process across all of our products. This makes it easier to collaborate with other internal teams as they understand how we work. We can also give executives real-time progress updates and share our short- and long-term plans with customers.