We improved communication organizationally because of Aha!

Jeremy Naiden

Product Manager

We had a problem

Although our product team works well together, we are always looking for ways to improve. We sought a holistic product software solution for too long, as we could not find one to meet all of our needs. Most product people will agree that organization, communication, ownership, and transparency are key challenges they face daily.

While a variety of methods and software solutions have set out to meet this challenge, many often fall short on at least one of these points. Methods and software that are too lightweight are burdensome to keep organized, while heavyweight solutions can be clunky, unwieldy, and frustrating. Rolling out new a methodology and solution is not easy. It takes time and energy for the whole team to adopt these. So making the right choice was essential for our team as well as our bottom line.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! strikes a nice weight balance – it's not too lightweight or too heavy. The product is full of differentiating features that have helped us gather and share ideas (a key differentiator, in our opinion). It is also much easier for our team to plan releases, maintain roadmaps, and share just about every view within the product.

Aha! was a breath of fresh air — an attractive, smartly designed product solution built by product people, for product people. Aha! has helped our already effective product team foster improvements in organization, communication, ownership, and transparency.

Aha! is fairly unique in that it integrates well with our other solutions to pass data back and forth. The Aha! support team was fantastic throughout the trial process, and the product itself continues to improve with every release.

Life is good

Since using Aha! we’ve seen improved organization, communication, ownership, and transparency across the team using the product. Product-focused communications that once may have been shared across many platforms are now nicely captured within Aha! These product insights can then be stored and shared contextually as needed. Because Aha! is a fully hosted solution, it's fairly simple to roll out to a team. Its flexibility makes it easy to use Aha! for as little or as much of the product planning process as one would like — it hasn’t ever gotten in the way.

The Aha! team truly listens to their customers and, most importantly, acts upon the feedback. That alone is worth its weight in gold.

Regardless of whether your team is email based or prefers to work within a platform, Aha! keeps everything organized. We still have yet to discover all of the functionality, but features like Slack integration and improved Kanban/Scrum support are certainly attractive and are on our radar to explore.