How Aha! saved our product team endless hours and conflict

Shaun Schooley

VP of Global Customer Marketing

We had a problem

Our product team works in locations throughout the world. Keeping everyone on our team in sync was a real challenge – not to mention all other teams involved with each release. Our attempts to solve this often fell short; to achieve simple collaboration, we had to suffer through unproductive meetings and conversations. And as a software company inside a manufacturing company, we get asked a lot of questions about our product roadmaps. But previously, we had no easy way to share these with folks outside our immediate team.

Aha! as a solution

Not long ago, it would take at least one PowerPoint and meeting to roll out anything new. Now, program managers can reference Aha! whenever they wish to see what we’re working on. The Features board helps teams from sales to engineering stay on the same page and view information “their” way. This saves our product team the trouble of having to create endless views to satisfy everyone.

Aha! is a great tool to keep us organized across different functions and teams in several locations. It helps us stay in sync and keep the company on track to achieve higher goals.

Our meetings are much less frequent and more productive now. When the need for meetings does arise, I can filter views in Aha! that are relevant to the stakeholders in the room. Aha! does a great job connecting Features to high level goals and initiatives. This helps senior leadership see how each product release enhances our company.

Life is good

For the first time in recent memory, we are able to keep our team coordinated. Thanks to Aha! everyone can see what we are doing and add their input. Our team is so much more productive now, as Aha! has replaced inflexible tools like Excel.

I never realized how much time was wasted arguing over small details. For the first time in recent memory, our product team can put strategy first – just as we should do.

Because Aha! updates and saves work in real time, we don’t have to hold a meeting to discuss and debate every product update. Now, we have portable documents like Aha! notebooks to show stakeholders and senior leadership what we’re building. These documents also include PDFs and screen grabs. They are all available for us to reference in real time – and they have returned endless hours to our product team.