We have a simple way to roll up all work thanks to Aha!

Cathy Sherwin

Product Manager

We had a problem

Our challenge was three-fold. We had inconsistencies in roadmap types, limited transparency to those roadmaps, and no easy way to view a business unit’s portfolio. We have six product managers supporting 15 products. Before Aha! our roadmaps existed in Excel or PowerPoint — and version control was a beast. The many versions of those files were shared by email. Although many people saw some version of the roadmaps, the only way to see the latest was to ask for a copy from the product manager.

Beyond version control of individual roadmaps, there was no easy way to view a business unit’s portfolio. Our development teams are dedicated to specific products — and there was no simple way to roll up all the work happening for a particular business unit.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! solved all three of our challenges. We lifted our roadmaps out of Excel and input them as features in Aha! Product managers can now see other product roadmaps, which lends the added benefit of a more consistent practice in managing those roadmaps.

Aha! helps our product team communicate effectively across technical and business teams. The intuitive layout and high degree of customization makes Aha! a great solution for us.

We are also defining initiatives and goals within Aha! to drive our business toward a common theme. While we do not yet have a defined vision statement across our portfolio, simply having the space to show that gap goes a long way in helping us have those conversations with our business partners.

Life is good

The ability to share the same Aha! notebook with everyone — at any level of the organization — and to have that notebook update with real-time information is a massive improvement.

The robust (and growing) support articles and highly-responsive team at Aha! are helping us to continue building out our product lines. We are able to connect features and releases to defined business goals — and ensure that teams are moving forward in lock-step.

We no longer have to send emails to people we perceive as interested parties each time we make an update. I love knowing that my product’s roadmap is shared consistently with my business and technical partners.