We save at least 10 hours a week by implementing Aha!

Stijn Nijhuis

CEO & Founder

We had a problem

We knew we had a problem but there was no easy solution. We were struggling to create a clear roadmap that tied to our strategic objectives. Even when we tried using PPT or other documents, it was difficult to create a view that we could keep up-to-date and allow the entire team to access it and collaborate. This led the team to spend way too much time just trying to communicate the goals for the product and keep everyone in-the-loop. And with a lack of synchronization between product management and engineering, communication was poor. At the end of the day, there were a lot of inefficiencies, and no one was happy.

Aha! as the solution

We were excited when we discovered Aha! It gives us the ability to map our strategy through the entire roadmapping process. We have one secure, centralized cloud-based location to capture all product ideas and keep our roadmap up-to-date. And with Aha!’s customizable scoring for each product feature (the Aha! score), we can take all factors into account when determining the total business value and impact of each new feature before we prioritize building it.

Aha! enables us to manage a complex set of requirements and ideas across teams and really helps us determine priorities within our product roadmap.

The tool also keeps product and engineering in sync. Using its Jira integration, we can keep track of newly developed features automatically and in real-time. This keeps everyone in-the-know and focused on our goals and helps create the best product for our customers.

Life is good

Since implementing Aha!, we have saved at least 10 hours per week in communications and synchronization between product and engineering and the non-technical groups in the company. Saving this time has led to greater productivity and alignment between the teams.

A clear roadmap, an in-sync team and engaged, happy customers equals a better product. Aha! works for us!

And now that we have a way to capture and prioritize products requests – customer satisfaction has increased significantly as well.