Aha! gave us more speed and accuracy than ever before

Logan Soya


We had a Problem

Our pain points were the same as many product managers. We had difficulty aligning business metrics with our product roadmap and staying on the same page. This made communication between product management and engineering especially tough. Both teams had trouble seeing “the big picture” of each project, and how daily work enhanced our strategic objectives. This prevented us from setting a product strategy and allowing the business to zero in on specific target audiences and draw focus on the product and customer attributes.

Aha! as a Solution

As soon as we started using Aha! we noticed positive change. The tool is simple, easy to set up, and provides clear, logical processes. The Customer Success team made a huge difference; their use of the responsive method got us up and working quickly. They answered our questions and helped explain how to use Aha! to set our product strategy, create beautiful roadmaps, and articulate features and requirements so engineering can build what matters. Once we were rolling with Aha! we found that it provided a great framework and flow. We were able to write down product information once and point the rest of the team to it, so everyone is speaking truth.

Aha! provided a great framework to flow from strategy to goals to initiatives to make sure features are clearly focused. It made it easy to see the big picture!

We loved that Aha! aligns strategy, goals, and initiatives to make sure features are clearly focused. It helped us define our vision for the product by describing who our customers are, what our customers need, and how we plan on delivering a unique offering. It captured the essence of what we want to achieve and the critical information our team must understand to develop and maintain a winning product. The visual roadmap has also been a huge help. Now, when we approach the engineering team, we’re able to bring the “Why”, “When”, and “What” to them so they can build the “How”. We have a great engineering team, and Aha! allows them to understand our vision for the product and detail features and user stories so they can efficiently build what customers want.

Life is Good

Aha! has had immeasurable impact on our team since we began using it. Our product planning has more speed and accuracy than ever before. This allows us to release more features our customers want while staying true to our larger overall vision. Aquicore’s entire team can now see the big picture, because we’re able to present it more efficiently.

Aha! provided great support and was responsive to get us up and working quickly. It greatly improved our product planning speed and accuracy.

And there’s no more doubt about how our daily work impacts the big picture; Aha! lets us track our progress towards our goals and initiatives as well as celebrate the small wins each day. And if questions come up, we get responses from the Aha! team in under an hour – unheard of these days!