We are more productive and transparent thanks to Aha!

Brent Strong

Cloud Engineer

We had a problem

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a critical part of our healthcare solutions. However, our data engineering team struggled to communicate the vision for what is possible and to align our internal plans with our customer-facing product roadmaps.

We would prioritize new features in a tactical way without considering how they tied to our bigger picture goals. This made it difficult for other teams to know what was coming and to coordinate implementation plans.

The team also lacked a centralized place to manage our roadmaps. We captured goals in separate documents and used Jira to assign tasks. We needed a better way to clarify our priorities to help us meet our delivery commitments.

Aha! as a solution

We now use Aha! to define our vision and goals. This allows us to set long-term plans and to communicate them with senior management and other teams. With a shared understanding of the overall direction, we leverage our AI capabilities more strategically across the business.

Aha! pushes us to think strategically about what we want to achieve and provides us with the framework to meet our goals.

This gives us a stronger voice in product roadmap discussions and makes it easier to prioritize the features that matter most. Aha! also allows us to set a timeframe for delivery and to manage cross-team dependencies so that we can unite around a shared plan.

The ability to integrate Aha! with the tools that our development team uses — such as Jira and Slack — creates a seamless workflow. It connects everyone with the product life cycle in a way that was not previously possible. Now that we can all access the same planning information, we can make better prioritization and implementation decisions.

Life is good

Aha! gives us a unified view across our roadmaps. This allows us to better communicate the business value of our products and coordinate our implementation plans. Aha! distills important information into a single view that everyone can easily understand. This is essential when we have ten minutes to review plans with senior management. We can get straight to the most relevant information — but still drill into the details as needed.

Aha! unites everyone around an actionable plan so that our teams can move forward together to achieve our goals.

We are also more productive. This is because we now work in a more methodical and transparent way. We have a better understanding of the higher-level business requirements and set clear priorities for the team. We can also track progress against our goals and keep our stakeholders informed.