How we eliminated disparate roadmap creation using Aha!

Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji

Head of Business Development

We had a problem

With the tremendous growth possibilities for our company, we really needed a tool for building out our product development roadmap. We were finding our product roadmap challenged on several different levels. Not having a long term product development roadmap in place was disconcerting. We needed to find a tool that would enable us organize and prioritize features when considering higher-level strategic initiatives. In addition, we needed to share the roadmap with customers, partners, and each other. Unfortunately, without a working tool in place to plan and document our roadmap, we had no really good way to share our vision. We didn’t want to miss out on all this potential, but what could we use?

Aha! as a solution

Aha! to the rescue. Aha! addresses all of our product roadmapping requirements and is so well thought out that it often goes beyond our expectations. It allows us to be organized and on task in both the long and short term. Aha! has a fantastic feature board that lets us move around features and perform capacity planning. In the roadmap view, we can filter by initiatives, and share our progress with customers and partners to get their feedback.

Aha! is phenomenally intuitive for product roadmapping and seems to continually add features on our wish list!

Using the Aha! two-way integration with Jira, we can keep engineering and product management aligned. Engineering gets to use their tool of choice and we get to use a tool that was created by product managers for product managers. Aha! really gets it!

Life is good

With Aha! in place, we know that we are working in a tool that was created for us by people who know product development roadmapping best. Aha! now helps us shape our long-term vision and readily share it with the team. Aha! also saves us time that we can turn around and put right back into superior product development. We have reduced the number of disparate, ad-hoc tools that we were using for product development and of course that means more time saved from pushing docs back and forth and other mindless busy work.

Aha! is a natural for product development roadmapping and development teams. It’s the obvious choice for product leaders everywhere.

With all our plans documented in Aha! and integrated with Jira we have reduced unnecessary communication between engineers and product teams about what features are being built and when. We have tons of growth potential and Aha! is making it easier to achieve it!