Aha! helped us define clear product management processes

Russ Hammond

Director of Growth

We had a problem

Our organization has grown rapidly over the last few years. We acquired a company, increasing our product portfolio and the size of our product management team. This highlighted the need to establish clear product management processes so we could align individual product roadmaps and work together more effectively.

Previously, we used a variety of tools to manage different parts of the planning process. For example, we used Trello for managing daily tasks and Excel for defining requirements. Once approved, we manually entered requirements into Pivotal Tracker for engineering to develop. It was difficult to effectively communicate priorities and coordinate plans. This meant that features were frequently delivered late.

We wanted to rethink our product management approach. It was time to bring everyone together in a single system and establish clear processes — so we could align our roadmaps and collaborate more effectively with the engineering team.

Aha! as a solution

We chose Aha! because it is a complete product management suite. It has everything we need to define strategy, build roadmaps, and prioritize work. This means we no longer need to rely on a multitude of tools to manage our product plans.

We can now see how the roadmap for each individual product aligns with our overall business strategy.

Aha! gives us the ability to define clear workflows. For example, we now have a consistent approach for defining and managing releases. And our product backlogs are organized by theme, making it easier to set priorities.

We use the bidirectional integration with Pivotal Tracker to send features to engineering. Real-time updates between both systems keep us informed of status so we can can track progress and see what will be worked on next.

Life is good

We now have a single place for managing all of our product data. The broader team — including product managers, senior leadership, and engineering — work together more effectively. Everyone can access the most up-to-date information at any time, helping us quickly reach consensus on important business decisions.

New functionality now moves from idea to delivery faster than ever.

Aha! streamlines our end-to-end planning process. We love giving each team the flexibility to create their own roadmaps while ensuring consistency across the portfolio. And we can quickly customize those roadmaps for every situation. This ensures we can communicate our plans with confidence.