Aha! helped us better prioritize work for engineering

Russ Hammond

Director of Growth

We had a problem

As our company quickly scaled, we needed to recognize what might break our next phase of growth. The way we were addressing our product management process was not at a breaking point yet, but it certainly was on track to slow our growth.

Product management work was being completed in what I would call “general tools" (e.g. Trello) that were intended for a very broad user base. Since many people on our team had used these general tools in the past, and they appeared to be serving their purpose, we stayed the course -- at least for a while.

We used Excel and PowerPoint for defining requirements. Our UX/UI designer developed wireframes to show what had to be done in the sprint. When we finished our work, that would be the start of the requirements and stories for development sprints. Everything would then be sent to Pivotal Tracker, the tool that our development team was using.

But soon we encountered hurdles. We were delivering things late and over budget. It became clear that a lot of the problems stemmed from our convoluted product management process, but we didn’t know there was any other way.

Aha! as a solution

One goal for us when choosing a product management tool was to eliminate the tedium of manual updates between disconnected tools.

Aha! was a sort of forcing mechanism for alignment between product management and product development. It helped to ensure expectations for each team were agreed upon and set.

The responsiveness of Aha! has helped us to better understand our own product management and development processes.

We use the strategy tools in Aha! to clearly define our vision, and the features board to prioritize work before it is completed by engineering. Once work is complete it is easily pushed downstream for development.

Life is good

Aha! really focused us to think more about the process we use. This was a good thing.

Aha! allows us to work much faster and communication has improved between teams.

We’ve been able to see what each team’s strong areas are and why a particular tool is right for that workflow and discipline.

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