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Integrate Aha! With Pivotal Tracker

PivotalTracker was built for developers and clients to facilitate constructive communication, reflect the status of a project and help forecast its future. Today, Tracker is a staple of the developer's toolkit.

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This two-way status integration allows you to push your completed features and requirements in Aha! into Pivotal Tracker get status updates back. When you have completed your product roadmap and feature planning you can move features into Pivotal Tracker for the engineering team to work on. You can send them individually or in bulk for a release.

This makes it easy for product management to set brilliant product strategy and share visual roadmaps while engineering can continue to work in Pivotal Tracker. Because of the two-way integration, status updates and changes to the story name and description are reflected in Aha! and the PM is able to automatically track what stories have been completed.


You need to be a product owner in Aha! and a Project owner in Pivotal Tracker to set up this integration.

Please carefully follow these instructions to ensure that the integration is properly configured. These instructions are also found in your Aha! Account settings under Product Settings → INTEGRATIONS → Pivotal Tracker.

Step 1: Configure Pivotal Tracker:

  1. Go to the Settings page for the project, and then choose the Integrations tab.
  2. Under External Tool Integrations at the bottom of the page, create a new Other integration.
  3. Name the integration "Aha", and set the Base URL to "https://<yourdomain>" (where <yourdomain> is the sub-domain for your account).
  4. Mark the integration as Active, leave the other fields blank and save the integration.
  5. On the Profile page, copy the API token.

Step 2: Create the integration in Aha!

  1. Navigate to the product you wish to integrate using the menu to the right of your home screen.
  2. Under Account Settings → Product settings → INTEGRATIONS click on Add new integration.
  3. Select Pivotal Tracker.
  4. Enter the API token you copied from Pivotal Tracker. Click the Test connection button. After a short delay, you will be able to choose the Project the stories will be created in.
  5. Choose the integration in Pivotal Tracker that you created in step 2 above.

Step 3: Create a web hook

  1. Create a new Activity Web Hook for v5 in Pivotal Tracker and paste in the Hook URL.
  2. Enable the integration.
  3. Test the integration by going to one of your features in Aha! and using the Send to Pivotal Tracker item in the Actions menu on the features page. You should then look at your project in Pivotal Tracker and see that the feature (and any requirements) were properly copied.
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