Aha! Roadmaps + Pivotal Tracker

Work closely with your engineering team

Setting your strategy first and prioritizing features against it keeps everyone focused on what matters most. Define your features and requirements in Aha! and then send everything off to Pivotal Tracker for engineering to build. Receive status updates back in Aha! as engineering completes work.

Send features from Aha! to Pivotal Tracker individually or in bulk.
Track progress on roadmaps in Aha! as features are completed in Pivotal Tracker.

Connect features to user stories

Do your product planning in Aha! first. Map initiatives, features, and requirements in Aha! with epics, stories, and tasks in Pivotal Tracker. Then configure feature statuses and types between systems.

Define exactly what to build

When you send a feature from Aha! to Pivotal Tracker, important details (including the description and attachments) are instantly shared with your engineering team. Once sent, the integration automatically updates the feature status in Aha! — confirming the handoff between teams.

Keep track of status

Help everyone understand the effort required and the impact on your roadmap. As engineering estimates stories in Pivotal Tracker, Aha! stays in sync. Real-time updates between the two systems give you immediate visibility into what has been completed and what is up next.