How we integrated strategy and feedback in our Aha! roadmaps

David Theus

Vice President, Technology

We had a problem

We work to empower our customers innovate, but we needed to ramp up our own product development roadmapping process. Our own planning was time-consuming and labor-intensive. As we worked through our processes, we needed to constantly update many different documents and then push do it again when we needed to update the team.

Each step of our product development process was slowing us down and we were not always on the same page. The whole process felt static and we really needed it flow more smoothly. We wanted to work more transparently and maintaining a single truth. We needed one dynamic and accessible tool that would let us work through the roadmapping process efficiently. It would have to keep everything organized, updated, flowing and in one place.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! really got our product roadmapping flowing and keeps it going with real-time updates. When we started using Aha! we put our strategy and entire product development roadmap in it. And as we define what we want to do to enhance our software, we know that any changes we make to deliverables and product schedules are updated instantly for the entire team. Aha! is dynamic and this makes for a very efficient workflow. We can even see how we are progressing against our release dates by using the progress charts.

For a smaller organization, Aha! has all of the features to seamlessly integrate Product Management and Product Development workflows in an agile way.

With the whole team using Aha! we seamlessly go from product strategy through delivery.

Life is good

Aha! makes everything easier. We can tag releases and features with strategic imperatives and then track how we are doing against them. We can also more clearly tie our features to what we are trying to achieve which helps prioritize what's next. We achieve this by creating our own Aha! score for each feature and recording its value and business impact.

Aha! transformed a slow, time-consuming and labor-intensive product development process to one that is dynamic, automated and really helps our creativity flow!

The whole team feels more empowered as well, as all comments are captured in Aha! and become part of the story which can be refined over time. At the end of the day, we are thrilled because we can finally integrate strategy, initiatives, and feedback throughout our roadmapping process.