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A little bit of hallelujah! For product managers

We started here and created a movement

Great products are the result of having a breakthrough idea and being able to explain to the team where you are headed. That plan should include a visual roadmap that proudly showcases the upcoming features you plan on delivering and communicates how those features tie back to your high-level goals. That's why we knew there had to be a better way than using a spreadsheet and a bug system to make it happen.

Product teams love Aha! for roadmapping

We started Aha! in 2013 and focused on product managers and a better way to create product strategy and visual roadmaps. This was home for us because as product managers ourselves, we wanted a beautifully designed, modern tool that had everything we needed to build great products. Aha! makes it easy to set your product vision, goals, and strategic initiatives and link them to your releases and features. That's what we wanted and were fortunate enough to build for you.

Aha! provides much-needed, but often-neglected structure around the numerous facets that comprise successful product management.

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Aha! provides a better way to set product strategy and build visual roadmaps

Get strategic without the pain

Get your business planning out of PPT and allow it to guide your roadmap. Aha! makes it easy to define your strategy by setting product vision, goals, and initiatives for each product and product line. Custom fields and tagging allows you to highlight the business value of releases with sales, marketing and executives.

Share your beautiful roadmap

Did someone ask you for your product roadmap today? Or request a delivery date for that game-changing new feature? Sharing your product roadmap with internal colleagues who interact with customers is part of the job, but it does not have to hurt. Aha! notebooks provide a way to securely share your product roadmap and easily keep everyone up to date.

Crowd-source ideas

Bring customers, employees, and other cross-functional teams to the innovation table with an Aha! Ideas portal. Your own custom branded portal gives you the ability to capture ideas from multiple sources and then prioritize them right on your product roadmap. You can quickly determine the best ideas and dramatically accelerate product innovation.

Over 250,000 users trust Aha! for their roadmaps. Read more about out how product groups in Collaboration, eCommerce, Education, Finance, and Legal use Aha!

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software